There Is More You Can Do With Your Iron – You Can’t Afford To Miss This!

With the discovery of fabrics that do not wrinkle and the existence of dry cleaners that are making people lazy, many individuals who have an iron lying around the house use it less often. It is no doubt that iron is not used most in many homes. However, even it is used once a week; you will be shocked to know that there are other ways to use it than you could imagine. In the video below, you will see some of the unusual ways you can use your iron instead of letting it to collect dust in your closet.


One of the ways you can use the iron is for lamination of paperwork. You can do this by putting your paper in a plastic laminate, place a towel on top of it, and then start ironing the towel while applying pressure firmly. After ironing both sides carefully, the result will be an attractive laminated piece of your paperwork.

Fixing floor dents

If the dents in your wooden floor are looking unappealing, you can use your iron to fix them quickly. To fix them quickly, you will have to pour water onto the dents and pass the iron on top of them as many times as you can so as to reverse the dent and fill in the hole in the floor.

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