These Laundry Hacks Will Lighten Your Work From Now Onwards, Watch!

Doing laundry is not fun, not to most of us. What is worse is that the wear and tear that machines put on our clothes put a strain or budget every few months. That is now going to change. In the video below you are going to learn several laundry hacks that will make your clothes and lines last. The first hack deals with tumble drying. The more your clothes spend in there drying, the more wear they are going to be exposed to. Shortening the time they spend in the machine will go a long way in making sure we reduce the wear and tear we are exposing them to.

So is there a way to reduce that time? Yes, there is. You simply add a few tennis balls and they will shorten the drying time almost by half. Simply put them in a clean sock to prevent them from escaping. The more balls you add the faster the drying will take place. The balls separate the clothes allowing more dry air to circulate between clothes.

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