They Said It’s The Best Chicken Ever, And You Need To Know Why. I’m Doing This!

If you asked me today in the morning, I would give you a long list of the ingredients that you would need to cook a tasty chicken, but things have changed!

It’s okay if you’ve been thinking just like me. It’s probably because we hadn’t run into a video that could teach us better things, but now we have!

Can you imagine cooking the best chicken ever with just two ingredients? You can’t fathom, but it’s true and it’s happening. Mind you, one of those good ingredients is the chicken itself, and that dumbfounds even more!

In this video, you get to watch GFF Magazine as they teach how to make things happen with just a chicken and Kosher salt.  You end up with a kind of extremely delicious chicken that’s crispy on the outside and really soft inside. If that seems hard to believe, you might have to sit back and hold onto your seat. You’re about to get your mind blown away!

Check out the full video here and learn how to cook like this. Try it out today and love the results. You’ve to SHARE this on Facebook. It’s too awesome not to go viral!

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