They’ve So Many Pennies. Now See What They’re Doing With Them. What A Piece Of Furniture!

I was just out her scouring the internet for some DIYs to pull off this season. I wanted something original and very much interesting. I wanted the one thing that could wow every neighbor and visitor, and that’s how I happened to bump into this video. I found my thing!

It’s about this nice piece of furniture getting transformed with pennies. Before you wonder what’s happening here, let me take the golden opportunity to let you know that is an old table getting refashioned into the greatest piece of furniture you’ve ever seen.

Now, these guys decoded to use some coins for the project, so took just about $35 and changed the cash into pennies, and then they went ahead to arranged the pennies all-round the top of the table. Then they went ahead to make the most good-looking table that’ll steal your very heart!

See how they pour that thing on the pennies and leave it overnight. By the next morning, you won’t believe this!

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