This Is How You Can Use Sugar To Hack Your Home 6 Times. Brilliant!

When it comes to secrets, most of us have a few of them to make life run smoother. It’s also true that we end up passing on the secrets to the younger generations, and it’s no surprise that some of these “hacking” secrets are confined within family lineages.

But the good news is that the internet is here now, and you can actually get access to just about any hacking trick you can think of by just searching the web, meaning that by the time you start dishing out the tips to the younger ones, you’ll be the professor of home and life-hacks.

Sugar. We all know it tastes great, but did you know that it has a lot more uses for issues around the house, and especially the garden? How about the fact that you can use sugar to keep bouquets alive? What about what happens when you sprinkle some sugar over the plants outside of your house?

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