This Is How You Give Your Windows A ‘Roman Makeover,’ And With Just Some Blinds. You Won’t Skip This!

So you set about decorating and giving all the other parts of your good home a nice makeover, and then you pass up the windows? Oh Come on!

The thing is, doing the right thing to your windows has the potential of really turning your house into a great attraction, because it can be noticed even from afar. The better news is that getting to do this shouldn’t break your bank or keep you too busy for hours. With just some mini blinds, you can give your windows a real Roman look. Yes, you can make some Roman shades for your windows, and it’s all easy, simple and fast. You want this!

Watch as Better Homes and Gardens brings you this cool DIY that you want to really know about, and you can be sure that your home will never look the same again. This is exactly what you need to keep your windows looking all pretty and sleek.

Watch the video and learn the easy trick, then do it on your own and tell us how it goes. You want to SHARE this on Facebook, so just do it now!

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