This Is The Right Way To Fold Towels, Watch and Learn!

There is nothing as amazing as being able to pick a well folded towel each day you want to use it. Maybe the thing that could be more amazing is being able to just fold it yourself, and do it the right way. That is easier said than done. Folding a towel is more complex that just picking it up and creating any square or rectangular shape you want. Take a look at the video below to see what I mean. She has easy steps for you to follow.

Once you have mastered her technique, you will be able to do it n seconds. This is because it is the first two steps you take that matter. Just like anything in life, a wrong start almost always ruins everything else. If you have the right start, then you know all you have to do is be careful the rest of the steps. Otherwise it just never looks perfect to have the start look imperfect in the hope of covering the imperfection with the rest of the steps.

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