This Man’s Bicycle-Car Design Is Just Out Of This World. I Need One!

Mikael Kjeellman is a Swedish engineer who’s about to change how we all think of bicycles and cars. The man has managed to design a car that’s also a bicycle!

He called his prototype, PodRide, and it’s clear from its cool design and tested workings that this small thing could actually give you the ride of your life! According to this guy, he wanted to design a machine that would appear practical, functional and fun to operate. Well, he did it. You would want something like that too!

PodRide is light, weighing about 154 pounds (how many cars are that light?) but has retained the height of a normal car. The better thing with this new stuff is that you can even hook a trailer and pull it. Now that sounds great, especially for a camper and families in search of the best things in life!

Since it’s posting in early 201, this video has generated lot of attention from admirers, with most people confessing that they would buy this product in an instant.  Now, click on that video and watch for more information about this new piece of technology. It’s incredible, and that’s why you need to SHARE this!


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