This Simple Science Can Turn You Into A Great Magician? Just See This!

You might be surprised to realize that most magicians aren’t really the “magicians” we think they’re. What these people do is just get smart with a few science tricks and then we’re all about them singing their praises.

You can have that too. One cool thing that you can use to pull off some very amazing tricks is salt. Yes, just the normal salt.

In this lovely video, you get to learn the secrets of doing cool stuff. BuzzFeed is back with some 5 tricks that you’ll want to learn about salt, and they’re so simple and fun that you’ll be trying out some surprises by the time it’s over.

Did you know you can turn salt into sugar? Did you know you can make a lovely crystal tree using just the common salt? How about using a spoon to gravitate salt and pepper? You’ll realize that you don’t even need a lot of materials to make things happen. But be sure to handle some chemicals like ammonia with care. It shouldn’t touch your skin.

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