Time You Learn To Prepare Your Own Extracts – Just Do This!

You love baking, and you do it well, but there’s one thing that’s been troubling you – you seem to run out of Extracts all too often. You see, such things can be avoided, and that’s what this video is teaching you today!

Gemma works for Bigger Bolder Baking, and she’s got some tricks up her sleeve. She would like to teach you how to make your own extract and stop worrying about it running out in the middle of your baking experience. She makes Homemade Ice Cream, and she uses her own homemade extracts of Vanilla, Lemon, Mint, and Orange.

The trick is simple, and Gemma will take you all through the process very gracefully so you can learn it all. Just watch the full video and be keen on everything she does. You don’t need to worry about the vodka part. It burns off and leaves the extract safe and without any effects. That’s great!

So check out the video, learn how make your own extract, and make it. If this video impresses you as much as it did the rest of us, then SHARE it on Facebook and let your buddies know about this cool trick!

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