Tips Of Cleaning 5 Bathroom Items That You Never Knew About!

It is not a secret that the bathroom is a vital room in a house. But to be sincere, most people evade cleaning it because it is considered to be hard. Due to this, Melissa Maker from Clean My Space, is here to show us how to clean and maintain the bathroom spotlessly clean.

In the clip, we will be learning how to clean the 5 items of the bathroom considered to be disgusting. The five items are: plunger, toilet bowl brush, toothbrush, razor and the loofah. Apart from learning how to clean them, also you will be able to know some storage tips!

So let’s start with the toilet bowl brush which is the nastiest item because it is the one used to clean the toilet. To clean it, put it between the seat and the bowl then using a disinfectant you prefer, spray it till it starts to drip. Leave for about 10 minutes to soak then followed by rinsing in hot water and leave it to drip till it dries. An advice to you is that after cleaning it, never place it back to brush container while wet.

Actually, WebMD states that we should clean every part of the bathroom regularly like once a week. Apart from that, scrubbing the bathroom well is vital.

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