He Took An Old Wood Furniture And Revive It With These Two Easy Steps.. I Call It Magic!

There’s that popular saying about a man’s trash. See, your trash could be the best thing that I’ve never come across. Everyone has what they love and want. But that’s not the story yet!

It’s about Jon peters, this artistic guy that seems to have a solution for almost everything. Peters loves art, and he and his wife, Laurel Bissonette, loves dealing with furniture in their cool gallery at Red Bank, NJ. Now, peters got a very old desk and decided to breathe some life back in it. And he does it!

How he pull it off? You won’t believe what he used. It’s something that’s available! He Zip-Strip to get peel off the upper layer of the wood, and then he worked on the body staining to come up with a completely new and different desk!

This is just too interesting. You need to know about it, and that’s why you’re going to watch this good clip right now and also decide to SHARE it on Facebook to keep your cool buddies in the loop. Don’t forget to drop us a comment about this extremely nice hack. It’s cool!


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