Want A Nice Gift? Make A Candle Cover With A Sweater!

Now that the Christmas holiday season is upon us, everyone is thinking of the best tricks to try for decorations. Again, you might be thinking of making some nice gifts for friends and family members. Truthfully, you would want to make the simplest gifts with minimal spending, which is why this clip here is giving you the best option: What’s better than a candle cover made from a sweater?

You’ll need this:

Old sweaters

Glue gun


Candle holders/ glass jars

In the video, smart blogger and DIY expert Christine Kobzeff starts her thing by cutting up a sweater, and then she goes ahead to employ her incredible skills to come up with the most beautiful candle covers ever. You can’t really keep yourself from loving this, and you’ll definitely want to try it out. So go ahead and gather these few materials and get down to this. It’s fun!

Check out the video here and learn how it’s all done. Be sure to SHARE this with everyone you know. It’s just too brilliant to pass up. Drop a comment too!

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