Want A Spoon Lure? Just Get A Kitchen Spoon And Do This. Incredible!

It’s common to pass by many stores and notice that they’ve spoon lures (with treble locks) locks on sale. Of course those things look like they’re made out of spoons, and that’s one good reason why you shouldn’t buy them. Just don’t use your money!

I mean, why would you want to fork out any cash for something that you can make at home and with your own spoon? It’s simple, and it’s excellent. You want to make a spoon lure, so get a spoon and get down to work!

First, you’ll hack the handle off the head of the spoon, and then you might want to use a hammer to flatten the curvy ends a little bit. Next, you drill a hole at each end of the spoon and attach the treble locks. Looks beautiful already, but you might want to turn it up a bit more, so get some paint and get back to it!

You could use nail polish or some other paint you can get. Something shinny will make do just fine. The process is explained in detail in this cool video, and you don’t want to miss this!

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