Do You Want Some Crispy Hash Brownies.. Try This And Get Amazed.. So Delicious!

There is a way that you can make hash brownies to be so tasty and crunch. You know you have done it right when you have to fight within you the urge to eat more. The perfect brownie is crunchy on the outside but smooth on the inside. However, if you have hash brownies that come out undercooked and feeling rubbery on the inside, then you have the right definition of failure. In the video below, you get to see how to do it. It’s so easy, you will wonder why it took so long for someone figure it out earlier than this.

As with any recipe, no matter how easy it is, you need some ingredients. For the perfect hash brownies, you need the right potato. The rest of the other ingredients are given in the video. The russet potatoes are recommended due to the low moisture content. The lower moisture content is must if you are to avoid having hash brownies that are rubbery on the inside. Make sure as you cook each side gets enough heat treatment. Take about 8 minutes for each side. Once you do as shown in the video, your breakfasts will never be the same, ever.

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