Want To Make A Mason Jar Light? Check This Out!

Using the old things in the house for a different use is not a new thing. Things such as old furniture parts, containers, caps have been used for all kinds of things from wine glasses to end tables. But the latest style has been using old domestic things to get that countryside rustic appearance.

The commonly reused thing, however, has got to be the jam jar. Initially used exclusively for canning and preserving, jam jars are currently used all from candle holders to drinking beakers. This is due to their modest origin; they nearly embody the rustic strength.

The Sorry Girls made use of some reasonably priced things and some of the originality to make a hanging light that appears like it fit in a trendy bar or eatery.


By using a big jam jar, a light bulb, a natural strand light and some daily tools, you can make one as well. The most excellent part is, the tools you require are ordinary in any home, and you do not need any skill for the construction.


Based on the size of the light you are using, you will draw the shape out on the cover of the jam jar.



By use of a nail, you can start pricking next to the line you outline out and use pliers or some scissors to hack out the shape. On the other hand, if you have the tools with you and are useful, you can use a saw to hack out the outline.


After you have got the first hole cut out, add some tiny holes around it, and permit some heat to get away the pot after your light is fully gathered. You can use the chance to paint the cap, the light and the string your preferred color.


You will next gather the light, putting in the washer and light bulb before twisting the whole fixture into the jam jar. The Sorry Girls used an ordinary light bulb, but you could hypothetically use a colored glow bulb to control things somehow.


Next, plug the jar and relax in the soothing glow of your new mason jar glow.

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