Want To See A Sparkle On Your Hardwood Floor? This is How You Do It. Very Simple!

You have a house with hardwood flooring. You’ve been worried so many times about how exactly you should clean it up and restore the shine on it. Well, we found the trick!

You see, most hardwood floors have a type of finish applied on them, and that should be first thing you need to figure out before getting down to clean your floor. You can get to know which type of finish your floor has by just pouring a little water on it. If the water gets sucked in, your floor has no finish on it. If it forms a bead, then there’s finish.

You’ll need these few things in your drive to brighten your floor:

A microfiber cloth

A wringer bucket

Dish washer soap

A microfiber mop


The process is easy, fast and simple. Check out this clip and see how it all happens. After this, you’ll be rushing to get things done as fast as possible. SHARE the video with your buddies on Facebook and also tell us what you think of it. Feel free to let us know of your special floor-cleaning tricks if you have any. Great!

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