Want Your Delicious Cookies All Fresh And Soft Through The Holiday Season? See This Now!

Now that the holiday season is kicking in at a high gear, you’re in the mood to give out some nice gifts, but you might need a trick or two on how to properly work around this. You love fresh and soft things, and whoever you’re planning to gift with some delicious cookies wants that too!

So you make up your mind to cook some homemade cookies, and you want to pack them into some tins and give them out. In that case, America’s Test Kitchen has something to teach you. It’s about keeping those cookies soft and fresh for the longest time possible.

In the video, you get to learn the cool secret on how to keep the cookies from drying out. You do that with some tortillas and some layers of parchment. In fact, the whole thing is so simple you might even wonder why you never thought of it before.

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