Watch This Mom Turn Her Old TV Cabinet into an Attractive Play Kitchen. Unbelievable!

Just when you think that children only love expensive gifts and toys, you also need to know that a simple but impressive creation can give them a lot of playtimes.  Making simple changes on for example the old television cabinet can make it the most attractive play kitchen.

In this video, Tara, whose young son loves playing chef and helping her out in the kitchen, shows how she converts her old TV cabinet into an exquisite kitchen. It is interesting as she turns the two compartments on the bottom into a dishwasher and an oven, the side shelf into a mock fridge, and the middle into a play stove.  She even goes as far as using four old CDs and a sticky kitchen tile to create four stove burners, and a cardboard box to make a microwave. With the alterations she makes, it is clear that those old things which are no longer in use in the house can be converted into something more attractive, unique, and can sell at the stores.

After watching the video, you will realize that it is useless to buy or spend your money on expensive toys when you can make the child have fun in the kitchen. Kindly watch and SHARE this incredible video with friends on Facebook!

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