Watching This Will Change The Way You Clean Your Coffee Grinder Forever. So Effective!

A kitchen is not complete if it has no appliances such as coffee and spice grinders. These machines help us a great deal when we want some fresh coffee or when we need some seasoning. One thing that most people don’t like with these assets is when it comes to the cleaning time, because they prove to be complicated. In the short tutorial clip below, which is availed to us by Julia Tursen, who is a writer and a chef, we learn the fastest way of cleaning the coffee grinder wit only using rice.

The process is very easy as you only need a handful of rice and put it into the coffee grinder. Turn it on and leave it for some 10 seconds before turning off. Pour the rice out and the coffee grinder will be clean.

Is that not an instant trick of saving yourself time in cleaning this precious kitchen asset? Let us know if there is another simple and effective way of doing it by dropping a comment below.

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