What The “Backyard Scientist” Does In The Fish Tank Is Brilliant. What A Skill!

Now that we have a number of YouTube channels, it is easy to get mesmerized and baffled at the same time by what they contain. In the clip below, which is one of the latest production done by “The Backyard Scientist,” we see as he pours some molten aluminum into a water polymer beads filled fish tank and ends up with some beautiful artwork.

He begins by demonstrating the working of polymer beads. Just like glue, repeating chemical units make the polymer molecules. Glue is made of PVA (polymer polyvinyl acetate) which upon being reacted with borax, it undergoes internal cross-linking. The bouncy, playful beads then form which appear as tiny balls. Whenever they are dipped into water, they normally absorb a weight that is 200 times that of theirs. Here, he has filled about 10,000 of them in an aquarium.

After chatting with his dog, he put on some protective gear and then puts the molten aluminum into the tank. He waits for a little bit and then takes out the solidified aluminum out of the tank. What he ends up with is a superb work of art!

He must have repeated this procedure a number of times to end up with exquisite and super unique pieces before the day ended.

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