Who Knew The Egg Slicer Was This Versatile? Watch!

Name one underrated kitchen appliance in your kitchen; it has to be the egg slicers. We only use when dealing with eggs.
Did you know the egg slicer have other uses in the kitchen? It makes chopping of cheese and vegetables easy and efficient. How else can use the egg slicer? Read on!

  • Cut strawberries into neat cuts. It cuts strawberries into pieces that are used to layer strawberry cakes.
  • Cutting Kiwi to small and neat pieces using a knife may be difficult. The egg slicer makes peeling and slicing the fruit easy.
  • Hey, avocado lovers! Use the egg slicer to get perfect and neat cuts of your mushy avocado. It is perfect for salads.
  • The next time you need mushroom slices for pizza toppings or easy sautéing, the egg slicer comes in handy.
  • Mozzarella: I love mozzarella but hate the mess it creates. Get perfectly thin slices of your favorite cheese using this versatile tool.

Watch the video for step-to-step instructions on how to use the egg slicer on various foods. It is time to get an egg slice. SHARE the tip with others on Facebook.

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