Why Go For The Expensive Skin Products When All You Need Is A 3-Ingredient Recipe?

Are you one of those people who end up suffering from the dry wintertime skin once winter is over? Rushing to the store for the expensive potions and creams is not the only solution for your condition. With the magical recipe in the clip below that uses 3 ingredients, you can make your skin-savers at home. The clip was prepared by What’s Up Moms and it is showing us how beeswax, coconut oil and shear butter can be used to make a lip balm and body butter that is perfect for your skin.

When we talk about a skin-saver, you need a product which is not irritating and not expensive at the same time and that is what the product below brings on the table.  It still works for people with sensitive skin.  Another benefit with this product is that people from different ages and with different skin types can use it. When preparing this product you can decide to end up with the creamy form for those who need to moisturize their skin and the lip balm – that means all the skin needs have been taken care of.

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