Why Would A Mosquito Choose To Bite You But Not Your Friend? Here’s Why, And It’s Fascinating!

You live in an area with mosquitoes, and you happen to be one of the people the small creatures pay a good visit every night. Now, you’ve a friend, but you realize that these mosquitoes are more interested in biting you many times over than stepping on your friend.  You must be wondering, but we have the answer!

You see, people have different skin smells; some of these smells tend to appeal more to mosquitoes. They draw them in, while other smells don’t impress the little things. That’s why some people will be bitten by mosquitoes and others won’t get a single bite. Now that’s surprising, isn’t it?

Well, if you’ve been thinking it’s your blood type or taste that makes the small things mass on your good skin, you’ve the right answer now. In fact, people who exercise or sweat more will have a higher possibility of inviting more bites than those who don’t. Now you know!

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