With Just 3 Ingredients, You Can Prepare Your Delicious Frosty At Home. Wonderful!

I love eating the Wendy’s frosty whenever I am in town. But usually, I face one big challenge which is the long queue that I have to make to get this dessert in my belly. This made me do a search on the internet on how I would get to prepare it at home so as to save the numerous trips to purchase it and the precious time I use in queuing for it.

While on the outlook, I found this recipe of how one can prepare the same quality frosty at Wendy’s with only using three ingredients. The process is super simple and in 30 minutes you will be filling your tummy with the delicious frosty.

The ingredients are:

  • One can of sweetened condensed milk.
  • ½ gallon of chocolate milk
  • 18 oz. tub of cool whip.

The procedure involves:

  • Get a large mixing bowl and pour the condensed milk in it
  • Add a half a gallon of chocolate milk in it and mix thoroughly
  • After mixing, add the tub of cool whip and mix again
  • Get an ice cream maker and put the mixture inside them let it mix it for 20-30 minutes
  • Serve and enjoy as you like!

Why spend your money at Wendy’s buying the frosty while you can prepare it at home and with the same quality?

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