With This Simple Trick, Your Car Odor Will Be A Thing Of The Past!

I love taking green tea in the morning because it makes me feel fresh the whole day. But did you know that this tea can as well used to perform other functions? Get ready for a shock!

In the clip below, brought to us by the YouTube guru, One Pot Chef Show, he teaches us how these tiny tea bags can be very vital in absorbing bad smell. In the video we see as he takes one dry tea bag and puts it in the car to act as air freshener. The purpose of the tea bag in the car is to absorb all the moisture and also remove the odor which might be in the car.

Actually, the tea bags are considered to be deodorizers when places in the car. The good thing they have over the other deodorizers bought in the store is that they are cheap and above all they will last for quite some months.

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