Wondering How To Salvage That Old And Distressed Furniture? Vaseline Offers The Solution!

What do you do with old pieces of furniture to salvage them?  Well, Vaseline can distress your furniture with ease. Here is a tutorial that shows an easy of way salvaging frames without using elbow grease and sandpaper.

In the video, we see Liz Marie working on an old coffee table. It will take some time to complete, but the result will amaze you.

Primitive and Proper have another distressing technique. Apply a glaze over the wood following the wood’s grains direction. However, the writer recommends doing small sections so that the glaze is removed easily. Wipe off the glaze using a damp rag. Apply the finish wax before buffing out the finish.

Sara achieves similar results using a Vaseline and rag. She takes less time. Here is how she does it:

  • Use a paint brush to apply Vaseline on the distressed areas. Use less Vaseline so that paint will adhere.
  • After applying the Vaseline, paint the item. Use any paint you prefer.
  • When the paint dries off, use a rag to wipe off the Vaseline.

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