You Can Make Your Own Mattress To Make Sure Your Impromptu Visitors Are Comfortable. Try This!

There can be a time when you have visitors and the mattresses are not enough for everyone to sleep comfortably. If you are found in such a situation, don’t start panicking as there is a solution for it.

In the tutorial clip below, you will definitely learn how to make a pillow bed which can be used by anyone, and the good thing is that you will never hear him complaining that he/she slept uncomfortable.

The materials needed are a thread (or a sewing machine), a needle, pins, 4 pillows, and four pillow cases.

To proceed:

  • Get the four or more pillows and arrange them in a way that they are side by side to each other.
  • After arranging them side by side, go ahead to pin them together using pins.
  • Proceed to stitch the long side of the pillows together using the needle and a thread or a sewing machine.
  • After sewing, insert the pillows into the sewed cases to come up with a pillow bed.

Don’t, you think this is an alternative to a sleeping bag when you are camping or when you are at a sleep over at some friend’s place? Let us know by dropping a comment in the section below! Please SHARE this trick with all your friends on Facebook!

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