You Can Use An Old Milk Jug To Save The Day. Here Is How To Do It!

Kids are nowadays taught about the necessity of implementing the 3 R’s – recycling, reusing, reducing. The positives of ensuring the younger generations keep that in mind is for a better community and a better future. Without these actions, we will have a price to pay sooner or later.

As revealed by EcoWatch, the amount of plastic that is thrown annually by every American on average is 200 pounds. Altogether, a lot of plastic is thrown in the world and some of it which is deposited in the ocean is responsible for marine and sea bird deaths from time to time. These are enough facts to motivate us embrace recycling.

The guys from Design Squad Nation are trying to remind us the recycle, reuse and reduce slogan which we were taught while young. It’s a group that is dedicated to inspiring and teaching the young generation about the real-world matters. In the clip below, they are teaching a crafty way of reusing your old milk jug. You only need some pair of scissors and an empty jug to make a scoop.

Kindly take your time to watch the clip below and let us know whether it’s something you’re going to try to make. If it was helpful, please SHARE it with your family and friends!

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