You Have Been Searching For A Smart Way Of Keeping Your Kids Busy All Summer. Well, This Will Do!

Every parent will tell you that when summer comes, they scratch their head a lot trying to come up with a creative way for their kids to speed the sunny days. One thing every parent also knows is that idle kids will make your summer days harder and longer, and nobody wants hard hot days.

That’s why this trick has been received with so much love and relief by many parents across the world. This mom surely saved so many of us. It’s not like this good mother knows any rocket science, but the mere fact that she came up with a way to get the kids busy with just paint, water and toys makes her the most creative mom I’ve ever heard of.

Elle, from What’s Up Mom, figured that she could make some drawing materials at home and get her children to use them as they learned new things, and that really worked wonders, considering that kids have some really deep love for paint and anything associated with drawing stuff. See how she uses the ice!

Watch the clip and master the trick.  You can’t skip that SHARE button when you have good Facebook friends who really need this trick. Your ids are less of a summer headache now!

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