You Won’t Believe This Pond Is Handmade The First Time You Look At It!

When you hear the word “The Pool Master,” its Anthony Archer-Wills that they are referring to, although his first pool construction was not pleasing at all.

In 2001, he told the Telegraph” that he wasn’t aware of what he was constructing. The pool was small, horrible and leaking after the 1st year.

The love he had for landscaping made him become a renowned pool constructor in the world. When he completed the construction of his first pond, he extended the construction to his backyard. The backyard of the family that had a garden, now has a small river running in between the landscaped valley and two ponds downstream.

Actually his research while young finally gave way to the important advances in the sector of water landscaping.  Most constructors will depend on concrete when creating the ponds and pools but as for him, he made a discovery of building ponds using a slim rubber lining called Butyl.

The complexity of his landscaping projects enhanced with years. This current year, Will who is now 69 years demonstrated his pool in his New York home that accommodates 800,000 gallons. Animal Planet gave a detailed description saying that the pond had a filtration system that was natural and advanced which employed plants instead of chemicals to purify the water.

In 2014, Archer-Wills revealed to the Daily Progress that he disliked the chemicals because they have a negative impression on the planet, and apart from that people dislike swimming in pools that smell chemicals.

By looking at the design of the pool, it tells you the professionalism of will in the construction of pools. One time, Will commented on Animal Planet that nature was the best pool designer.

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