Your Bathtub And Sink Needs A Sponge Like This. Learn The Trick!

Hey, DIY lovers! I know you love DIY projects that will make cleaning an easy task. There are great DIY projects that neat freaks will love.

Nifty, our genius DIY friend, has a few projects. Forget the bar soaps, and they mess that they create.

DIY soap sponge

The DIY soap sponge is helpful as it doubles up as a pre-treated sponge and a soap dish.


Also, no slick residue is left behind. The sponge can easily pop the bar while using the sponge for cleaning.

How to:


Get a large and soft sponge. Do not get one with a textured side. Place the sponge on a flat surface and cut in half.


Take one of the halves and shape the corners till smooth. Do so to other sponge.


Stencil the soap on the sponge. Place your bar of soap on the sponge and make a cut-out shape of the soap.


Remove the soap from the sponge. Use a sharp knife to cut out the stenciled lines. After making the cut, pull out the sponge.

Lastly, pop in the soap. Place it on your sink counter ready for use.


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