Your Kitchen Ingredients Are Enough To Make You An All-Natural Mask and Face Scrub!

Irrespective of where you obtain your high-end boutique products from, one fact remains – they can be quite expensive. While that is the case, you can still luxuriate using natural products while saving on your cash. All that is done by using ingredients which are already in your kitchen. Michelle Phan who is a YouTuber-turned-entrepreneur has revealed to us part of the secrets behind her beauty empire.

In the clip below which was posted online back in Jan. 31, 2014, she is demonstrating how one can come up with the all-natural face mask and scrub. She confesses that she is using family tips which she acquired from her mother. To make the scrub, she has grinded some exfoliating rice and used a lemon to apply the mixture. She also explains the skin brightening properties of the citrus fruit. She then advises individuals struggling with acne to consider using a scrub made from honey and rice since it is a natural antibiotic. At the end of the tutorial, she introduces another natural face product which is made by soaking Vietnamese rice paper (which is edible) into the antioxidant-rich green tea. She then applies it in the form of a translucent mask.

Her beauty secret are fairly simple and effectively work and that explains why she has more than 8 million YouTube followers.

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